At The Admin Shop we proudly work alongside caring business owners who are looking to scale their operations through recruiting efforts, business development and other growth strategies. Our most successful clients are those that realise their future lays in the hands of their team. They engage, empower and encourage their teams to be the best version of themselves they can be. 

Our expert recruitment team can help you effectively source entry-level positions through to senior leadership roles. Whether we are working on early childhood education recruitment or on office staff recruitment we can confidently develop a solution that caters to your needs.

We promote an inclusive environment internally where our people feel welcome, empowered, and encouraged to reach their full potential. By being our best we can be confident that our clients will get only the best. 




Listeners. There is a reason that the term listen and silent both contain the same letters! We actively listen to what our clients tell us (and do not tell us). 

Empathetic. When we take on a client we wear the same shoes that they do so we can truly feel and appreciate their situation. This is one of the secrets to the great results we achieve.


Relentless. Accountability is imperative in everything we do - especially when it comes to finishing the job. We take ownership of our work and correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible. We don’t stop until the task is complete, no matter how great the challenge.

Resilient. We recognise the world is constantly evolving. We believe we can make an impact with each relationship that we establish. We strive to continually drive positive change.



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Great hiring is a
complex process

We know there are a million different recruitment companies out there. Each business will tell you they are different from the last one. It can be difficult to tell the one that is going to be home for you.


So, instead of talking about ‘uncapped commission’ and ‘flexible working’ how about we give you some good, usable information to help you see what makes us stand out from the crowd? We’re an independently owned, unconventional, but very cool recruitment company. Our vision is to be the best at what we do, and that also means being the best place to work. 


We want to create an environment where it never feels like Monday morning. In fact, we want to create an environment where it does not feel like you are at "work". 


We’re supportive, we’re approachable, and we’re adaptable. We want to provide the best environment that works for you. You’re more than just a number and a target here, you are the future of this business, and we align our goals with yours, to ensure that we all succeed together. It’s that simple.


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