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With the right team in place, you can expect great work – and even greater results. That’s where our boutique recruitment agency comes in. We make it easy for you to hire the right talent with years of experience, award-winning ideas, and the exact skills you’re looking for.

Our placement service provides employers access to a deeper pool of talent while reducing the time and expense associated with hiring. There is NO COST until a company decides to hire a candidate we refer. During this process, The Admin Shop use cutting-edge recruiting tools and methodologies designed to reduce recruiting time. 

Our on-site recruitment service can handle the entire recruiting, interviewing, and selection process and can work directly with your staff to manage the workforce on a daily basis, including the collection and development of reporting and benchmarking data.


With a seriously impressive network of the most sought-after talent, our boutique staffing firm will handpick the best talent to fit your staffing needs. We have got the connections for you to hire the right talent.  And through it all, your Account Manager will be by your side to keep things running smoothly.

We offer recruitment services across a host of industries, businesses and locations.  We have tradie clients in WA and QLD, dentists in Sydney,  hospitality clients in Melbourne and Sydney,  office staff elsewhere in Victoria to name a few. 

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The most comprenhensive inclusions for

any recruitment service in Australia.

Every placement includes:

  • One guaranteed candidate, satisfying the role requirements

  • Your own dedicated, experienced, consultant that manages the entire process
    from enquiry to in-service checkups

  • Advertising copy, execution of advertising campaign, shortlisting, niche job
    board postings through to shortlisting and pre-screening

  • A workplace agreement, HR forms and negotiation of salary and conditions 

  • Two thorough reference checks and submission of a 2-page report 

  • A reminder system specific to the candidate 

  • Any necessary licenses, tickets or assessments needed for the role

Our end-to-end recruitment service provides  our clients more than just a new team member:


Expand your team, fill mission-critical positions, or discover your dream job with a true partner.


The Admin Shop provides key position placement, recruitment process outsourcing, strategic advising, and a robust talent network—all tailored to you. More than just a recruitment agency.


Click here to be taken to the enquiry form page where you can complete the relevant questions. 


Faster shortlists.

We work quickly! We craft the job advertisement, pre-screen each application, reject the unlikely ones and prepare a shortlist in 3 business days.

Awkward salary negotiation taken care of.

Money conversations with a stranger? Leave the awkward conversations to us. We have had lots of practice!

If they do leave within 24 months, an exit interview. 

Exit interviews can be the most incredibly useful learning tools, yet few do this well. 

90 day guarantee. 

Your own insurnace policy! We are that confident in our ability we will replace for free - no questions asked - in the first three months of employment.

Comprehensive reference checking.

We employ clever investigative techniques to extract as much information as possible. 2 professional and 1 personal. 

New employee HR forms completed, plus a series of reminders for critical dates. 

It is the little things that can make the world of difference. We have thought of everything. 

Drafted workplace agreement. 

If you need help drafting a workplace agreement that passes the legal test, we can do this for you! 

Any necessary licenses, tickets, qualifications needed for the role. 

We cover the costs of expenses relating to getting the job, whether it be language examinations or other licenses/qualifications.  



The discovery session helps your Account Manager to put together the pieces of the puzzle that relate to the job vacancy. By ensuring that we have an accurate description of exactly what is being sought, your workplace culture and what drives employees to perform well in this role. 



Now we get to work! We perform a stack of research (competitor analysis, google reviews, review of employer branding, etc). With this information fresh in our mind we craft together a careful strategy and being executing! 



With the help of some creatives, we then convert this raw information into an enticing copy that will be hard to resist for any candidates. Often it is the little things that we can embed into an advertisement that will have the biggest impact.



We hit go and then do the hard work! 


We shortlist, contact interview,  reference and qualification check. When we are satisfied and confident the candidate has the features being sought, we then refer the candidate on.

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