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Expand your team of exceptional early childhood educators, today.  

Simplified staffing for early childhood educational professionals! With less than 5% of applicants suited for the job, why spend the time recruiting? Let us do the advertising and sourcing!


We deliver thoroughly screened candidates ready for you to interview and hire!

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Our Mission 

We create a positive impact in the lives of young children by recruiting top-quality educational professionals for preschools/kindergartens and early learning services.

We go above and beyond to ensure that clients get the best-qualified and suited staff.  Once placed we work just as hard to ensure that they stay with ongoing coaching by some of Australia's best. 


We genuinely believe that our highly trained and qualified educational professionals will make all the difference in a child’s education and growth.

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Our Philosophy 

Early childhood education professionals play a critical role in preparing children who are capable of independent, critical and creative thinking and who will enter adult life with the confidence and knowledge needed to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

We use industry experts to ensure that our candidates are job ready. They are rigorously screened over the course of two interviews before being presented to our clients. 

We are passionate about what we do and take the matching of highly trained educational staff to early learning centres seriously.


What we do

We work with early learning centres across Australia but primarily in Melbourne and Sydney.


We work ferociously hard to connect the best educational professionals with their dream job. 

Typical roles include:

  • Early Childhood Teachers (Bachelor, Masters)

  • Early Childhood Educators (Diploma, CERT III) 

  • Educational Leaders

  • Room Leaders

  • Assistant Educators

  • Centre Directors

Join our growing list of clients across Australia.  Engage us to find you an exceptional educator today!

Expand your team of early childhood educators today! 

We help you retain the staff too!

The Admin Shop goes above and beyond in supporting our clients by offering wellbeing consultations for all successful applicants. This ensures that everyone is working happily & productively together. This service is offered during the first month of employment & includes 2 x consultations. The consultations are great for staff retention and cover  weekly reflections & short term goals to work towards.

Each candidate referred for your early learning role is rigorously assessed by an expert in the space. Nic Russell is our Head of Talent, an educator, yogi and wellbeing consultant for the early childhood sector. Nic is super friendly, supportive & is passionate about empowering educators to become the best they can be!  !


Contact Nic Russell - our Head of Talent - Early Years Learning to find out how we may be able to help your centre!