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Joshua Freeman
Founder and Recruitment Manager

Joshua founded The Admin Shop and Early Years Talent after realising something pretty extraordinary about the sector very early on.


For the most part, the sector is full of passionate, enthusiastic, caring educators, all taking pride in the impact they have on the children they serve each day.  


Who would not want to be immersed in a sector like this? I can not imagine another sector being more welcoming than that of the early childhood education and care sector. 

Josh has almost three decades of extensive experience in all facets of running both a small and mid-sized international training and consultancy organisation. Joshua attributes much of his business success to his intuitive style and the strong compassion he shares for people.


Joshua's most recent corporate role saw him providing leadership to a team across six continents. Manning the corporate operations saw him attending to everything from HR issues to marketing events in Brazil and undertaking complex multi-million dollar price negotiations directly with foreign Governments and. Joshua has well-developed competencies and an interest in

·      Instructional design - the development of learning materials for an adult audience

·      Human resources policy includes thinking outside the box to form creative solutions that influence.

·      Sourcing, recruitment, retention and all things in between.

·      Cross-cultural communication, employee engagement; and

·      Workplace well-being and happiness


More recently, Josh has been heavily involved in several business ventures and end-to-end recruitment for almost three decades and is the Founder of Early Years Talent.


When not spending time working, Josh will be studying the final units of his Master's in Business Administration or walking Sebastian and Theodore, his two pet cavoodles.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(03) 7064 2635

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