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8 positive signs you nailed that interview

You’ve just successfully completed your first interview for that dream role. What a relief! You think it went well - but wait, did it? You suddenly feel unsure about how you were perceived by the interviewer.

Let’s look at some signs demonstrating you hooked that interviewer.

1. The interview took longer than expected

Your interview was scheduled for half an hour, but it was closer to 45 minutes or an hour before your conversation wrapped up.

During my recruitment days, if I knew it wasn’t a fit, I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time and would generally wrap up at the scheduled time. But when I found a promising candidate, I would try to spend additional time so that you can gain more information to make an informed decision.

2. Your interviewer’s body language was positive

Did the recruiter seem engaged with what you were saying? Did they lean forward when you said something of particular interest? Did they smile often? Did they nod often? Was their facial expression warm? Was your overall feeling a positive one?

Some of these cues can be more difficult to pick up on in a video interview, however, there are a few things you can look out for. For example, it’s a good thing if your interviewer makes frequent eye contact with their camera and sits upright rather than slumped in their chair.

3. Your interviewer probed further during certain questions

Pressing you for additional detail is a good sign, even if it feels a little intimidating in the moment. Keep in mind, though, that if they’re simply restating the same question they already asked, it could be a sign that you aren’t giving enough information in your initial answer.

4. They invite you to meet some team members

This isn’t a common scenario, especially if your job interviews are taking place virtually. However, at times if the hiring manager mentions wanting to introduce you to their boss, a department leader, or another decision maker, who couldn’t make it to the interview, you can take this as a positive sign.

5. Your interviewer spoke in detail about the job and the company

If your interviewer is actively selling you on the job—by mentioning growth opportunities, perks, company culture, accolades, and more—that’s a sign they want to get you excited about the position.

6. Your interviewer asks about your job search

If they ask about your job search and if you’re interviewing with other employers, they could be determining if the timeframe is a short one and be evaluating how competitive of an offer they need to make.

7. Your interviewer gave you a timeline for the next steps

If your interviewer offers information about the hiring timeline and what you could expect to happen next, that means they’re interested and want you to be in the loop on what’s coming up.

8. Your post-interview email had a quick response

You know the importance of sending a thank you note after your interview. Receiving a quick reply is confirmation that you’re top of mind, and they want to keep you engaged in the hiring process.


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