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A nice way to terminate an employee

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

If you find yourself in the position of needing to fire someone from your business, perhaps read over this article first.

David Siegel (American Business Tycoon) controversial theory encourages Managers to let employees know that their termination will occur in the coming weeks. This tested theory is often not even considered an option, presumably due to its obvious, yet the payoff in benefits is significant. This humane approach to firing theory encourages underperforming staff to leave independently by giving them the heads up that termination is imminent.

The benefit of early advice of the termination enables benefits to the outgoing employee, Manager and the organisation itself:

Benefit for the employee leaving:

  • more time to find alternate work

  • ability to secure alternative employment whilst currently working

  • can help prevent the employee from losing confidence, self-esteem and going down a destructive path

For the managers:

  • can strengthen their relationship with the outgoing employee

  • gives managers more time to replace the person as well as the transfer of knowledge (if appropriate)

For the organisation:

  • less disgruntled employees improve the overall brand

  • does not tarnish relationships with existing staff

  • depending on the industry and the type of business done correctly, it can get more customers!

David Siegel has led thousands of employees over his career and authored a controversial paper, ‘A more humane approach to firing people’ appearing in the HBR August 2018. The article can be viewed here.


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