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So you are ready to employ someone... What next?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Is without question that the better the onboarding experience the more likely a candidate will stay with you for a longer period. This has been proved time and time again in literature and research about employee experiences.

Depending on the nature of the role and the type of industry you are involved in it can be good practice to prepare a welcome package. Ideally, you would want to send this to the employee via post so they can receive it before they come in. But if that is not an option leaving it on their desk or workstation is just as good.

Start with the basics that new hires should know about your company and your people. Provide information that will help new employees acclimate in their new workspace and save them from asking potentially uncomfortable questions (e.g. “Where is the bathroom?” or “Where I can find the HR Manager and what’s their name?”).

Here’s a new employee welcome package checklist to help you during the onboarding process:

  • A printed copy of your employee handbook

  • Human Resource forms (workplace agreement, emergency contact forms, non- disclosure agreements, etc)

  • Agenda for the first week

  • Welcome letter. For a more personal touch, consider making this a handwritten note. It could come from the most senior person available.

  • Organisational chart

  • Information about how to connect with other employees and their contact details. Username for messaging app.

  • A guide with local hotspots, including nearby cafes, gyms etc. This could be done by talking with a mentor.

Useful material and tools:

  • IT hardware, laptops, monitors, USB, WiFI modems

  • Security items to allow access to the building like keys etc

  • Stationery, including: pens, post-it notes, notebooks, stapler etc

  • IT information or manuals about computer setup, software, etc

There is a lot to take in on a first week at a new job and your job is to set the employee up for success from Day one. Remember, first impressions last and if simple items are forgotten (eg a laptop) it can make a terrible impression!


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