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This agreement contains the terms on which we “The Admin Shop Pty Ltd” or "Early Years Talent" offer to supply recruitment services to you, The Client.  Acceptance of these terms of business may be expressed, implied or by conduct and, without limiting the variety of circumstances that might constitute acceptance, including asking for help to fill a position after you have read this.     

We, our or us refers to “The Admin Shop Pty Ltd” ABN 43 651 603 217. 


A one-off fee per candidate, inclusive of GST is payable for this service. This fee has been provided to you however should you seek clarification please do so before submitting these terms.   Unless otherwise stated, in return for the one-off fee, the client will receive:

  • One fully qualified candidate, fully prepared, engaged, and ready for their new permanent or casual role. 

  • A guarantee period of 3 calendar months from the commencement date. Should the candidate not work out or leave prematurely, we will replace the candidate as fast as possible for no further charge, one time.  We employ a strict no-questions-asked policy in operating this clause; your feedback is always valuable in providing the best possible service.

  • A drafted workplace agreement suitable for the role (if needed)

  • Comprehensive reference check – two professional and one personal (if available)

Specific to Early Childhood Education and Care (either through The Admin Shop Pty Ltd or Early Years Talent our subsidiary) the following items are also included in the quoted fee:


  • The guarantee period for an Early Childhood Educator (Diploma or Cert III) or other assisting role is 3 months, for an Early Childhood Teacher (Degree or above), Educational Leader, Assistant Director and Centre Director is 6 months.

  • We will collate relevant documentation electronically and ensure that this is provided prior to or at the interview. This includes qualifications, VIT or NESA registration, First Aid, Food Safety COVID Vaccination Certificates and anything else specified by the client. 

  • We also provide x 2 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each to the candidate once they have started work. This is to aid retention and to empower the candidate through reflection and other activities related to becoming self-aware. 


For 30 days after starting, THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD will screen applicants via interviewing, reference checking and if required, psychometric testing (an additional cost of $375 for this service). All assessments relating to technical knowledge will be performed to the best of our ability however it is expected the client will provide assistance in this regard.


The Client will interview (or trial) applicants and make a final hiring decision. THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD will assist in coordinating interviews and employment offers.

The ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD must be informed of an outcome within 24-48 hours following an interview or trial.


If communication is not made with THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD for 7 days following an interview the total amount is payable to THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD.

Candidate Acceptance is defined as the Candidate and your Company entering into a verbal or written employment agreement defined by Fair Work Australia. 

The commencement date is the first day the candidate presents themselves to the workplace. This includes any training or induction shifts. 

There is no difference in the quoted fee for part-time versus full-time employment nor is there a difference for casual or permanent employment except by prior consultation and agreeance in writing by both parties.


THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD endeavours to ensure that all candidates introduced to you are suitable for the position. 


Once a Permanent Employee is placed as an employee with a Client, the Client has sole responsibility for the employee. The Admin Shop Pty Ltd has no liability or obligations in respect of the employee, including, without limitation, in respect of the termination of the employee for any reason by the Client.


5.1 Neither THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD nor anyone acting on our behalf can accept liability for the accuracy of any information supplied concerning candidates, whether this concerns employment history, qualifications or personal circumstances or any other matter whatsoever.

5.2 THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD is not responsible for any loss, expense, damage, or delay, however, occasioned. THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD is not liable for any injury, loss or damage to persons, property or business arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission of the candidate or THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD even if the act or omission is negligent or fraudulent or reveals dishonesty. 

5.3 The Client indemnifies The Admin Shop Pty Ltd in respect of any claim arising from or related to:

a. any failure or alleged failure of a Candidate or Temporary to duly perform his/her obligations;
b. personal injury or death of a Candidate or Temporary or any other person howsoever arising from, or related to the performance by a Candidate or Temporary of his/her obligations; and
c. damage to any property arising from, or related to the performance by a Candidate or Temporary of his/her obligations.

6.   PAYMENT  

6.1 An invoice is sent electronically on the commencement date of employment, with the total fee payable within 28 calendar days. The invoice will contain complete banking information to enable an electronic funds transfer. Additionally, payment can be made by credit card -  Amex, Visa or MasterCard. The Admin Shop Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge an additional fee for payments to be made by credit card. 

6.2 A 10% discount is provided for payments received within 14 calendar days from the invoice date. The Admin Shop Pty Ltd will confirm your intention prior to commencement and invoice you accordingly. Other discounts may be arranged for payment prior to commencement. If you are interested in this option please ask your consultant. 


6.3 Overdue payments attract a payable interest element of .08% calculated daily on outstanding amounts.


6.4 Should THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD be forced to take legal action to recover any debt, a Debt Recovery Fee of 10% of the invoice value will apply. THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD will also be entitled to claim Court Costs and any associated legal fees. Any legal matter arising out of non-payment of any invoice will be dealt with in the state of Victoria Court System. 


THE ADMIN SHOP PTY LTD provides a guarantee of 3 calendar months for each candidate unless otherwise stated. This period begins from the date of the first rostered shift.


For Early Childhood Educator (Diploma) or Early Childhood Teacher (Diploma or above), refer to section 1 above.


If during this time the candidate does not work out or leaves prematurely, we will replace the candidate as fast as possible for no further charge, one time. 

Our obligation to provide a replacement only exists if the account has been settled in full by the due date. If an amount is outstanding to us or a lapse in payment by the due date, the replacement clause ceases to exist.

Thanks for submitting!

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