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Most of us have experienced unemployment at some point in our life. For those that have you can possibly see how it may be difficult to get yourself out of that 'trap' or cycle.  For many people in Australian society, who find themselves long term unemployed getting themselves out of that cycle is not so easy. 

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If you have some vacancies in your organisation have you considered the benefits of helping someone who is the unemployment cycle a chance to live a different life? Often, all it takes is just for a business to show that they have confidence in them.


Our wage subsidy placement services brings together the best candidates we can find, perfectly suited to the job, from a rigorous selection process. The people we find are wage subsidy eligible. For businesses willing to employ long term unemployed there is a $10,000 Australian Government Wage Subsidy available. 


Due to the intricate nature of this program many positions will not be suitable.  





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