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Why a boutique recruitment agency
must be your first choice.

You probably don’t need a recruitment agency to help you hire new staff. Chances are, you probably don’t even like recruiters – they’re a waste of your time, they cost too much money, and you’d rather avoid them altogether.


Consider this – how much of your own time are you spending on your recruitment? How many times have you had a staff member leave early? Or interview someone great only to find out that they were toxic to your culture?


We think of recruitment to be an art. 


We are not just the middle-man between a company and a candidate, but rather highly skilled in the marketplace. Through a deeper understanding of your business (values, brand and goals), we find the right employee staff that fits your skillset requirements and your company culture and ethos. We believe that a cookie-cutter approach to finding job applicants doesn't fit into the current workplace of remote and flexible working (hybrid), skill shortages, and an increasing emphasis on work-life balance.


Boutique agencies like us thrive on getting to know their clients inside and out and understanding their business and values. Whilst key talents and skills are crucial to success, the alignment of values between the business and the candidate makes a world of difference. Values are what underpin culture. After all, 60% of companies believe that cultural fit is crucial to hire. You need to make sure that the person you hire isn't just someone you can see building profits for your business – but someone you'd be happy to go for a beer with or ask for advice.


Most agencies will tell you that hiring on culture is the best approach to finding candidates that will work out. Whilst there is a lot of merit to this, we go beyond this and consider core values a critical determinant of a successful candidate. After all, for many small business clients, the staff we appoint become their recognised spokesperson and part of their brand. We work closely with down-to-earth, friendly and ambitious clients; we can provide an all-encompassing service that delivers results quickly. 


The benefits of a boutique recruitment agency when finding your staff include:

  • Clients receive a truly bespoke service. We take your business goals and strategy and build a plan to suit you. Plus, we grow with you and will do the same if your business plans change! No out-the-box packages are provided, just a service that matches what you need when you need it.

  • Specialist Experience – our consultants are experts in all people matters and have business backgrounds, making them experts at finding the talent you need, whether a Java Developer or a Software Architect. We know the market and who's working in it, inside out.

  • A Streamlined process – boutique means small, and it also means a personalised service. You'll have a named account manager on hand at all times to look after your every recruitment need, which means you can get on with your job and we can do ours – and quickly.

Are we the right boutique agency for you? Honestly, sometimes we may not be. To work with us successfully, we need businesses willing to look beyond traditional recruitment methods – companies that thrive by building close partnerships and are open to change, flexibility, and innovative technology use. 

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