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A recruitment business like no other.

The Admin Shop proudly assist business owners, expand their operations through recruiting efforts, business development and other growth strategies. Our most successful clients are those that engage, empower and encourage their employees to be the best they can be. 

Although recruitment is one of our service offerings we do much more than that.

We place qualified and eager candidates into their dream jobs and we work hard to ensure that they stay.  This is achieved through a program of coaching sessions, optimised to guide employees to  realise their strengths through tackling everyday issues.


Ultimately everyone wins - candidates are engaged and happy, clients have productive employees and strengthen their retention strategies. 


Our expert recruitment team can help you effectively source entry-level positions through to senior leadership roles.


Whether we are working on early childhood education recruitment or on office staff recruitment we can confidently develop a solution that caters to your needs.


We help find staff for positions like: Office Manager, Administration Assistant/Manager, Bookkeeper, Accounts, Receptionist, Human Resources, executive assistants, personal assistants and many more.

BUSINESS Development

Recruitment solutions for positions like: Sales, Telemarketing, Marketing, Support

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Find your next teaching or support staff - we work in the Early Childhood Education Sector, Primary Sector, Training/Instructional Design, TAFE instructors, and many more


We undertake hiring for roles like Carpenter, Labourer, Electrician, Plumber, Roofing, Hairdresser and many more

What sets The Admin Shop apart from others in the industry is our determined focus on solving your staffing problem. We do this through the use of empathy, our knowledge of current industry trends and  our relentless passion for providing the best value possible to small business owners. 
Consider engaging The Admin Shop as a solution to your staffing needs. We are a recruitment agency optimised to accelerate your small-medium sized business growth. We offer support to solve your staffing problems through our coaching or consulting service. Speak to us today for a free 30 minute consultation.



Absolutely fantastic service! An email from a new recruitment
agency landed in my inbox.


Reluctantly, I contacted the agency expecting a regular service. I was surprised with the dedication of the owner, Josh. He well and truly exceeded my expectations, and found a suitable team member quickly in a difficult lockdown climate.


Josh is involved and resourceful.  His service goes beyond what one would ever expect from a recruitment agency. In this day and age, when often you don't even get a callback, I found Josh to be a breath of fresh air. His reach is broad, and his dedication is invaluable to any business. I have no hesitation recommending The Admin Shop to solve the trickiest of your business problems.




Once we kick off a a project we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that we achieve success. Our success is determined by both our candidate and client achieving the best possible outcome.


. Our ability to empathise, our decades of experience and collective intelligence has be known to deliver superior results! ​


We know that it can be a big decision for some people to use a recruitment agency.  


We are so confident in the quality of each candidate we deliver we happily provide 90 day guarantee periods. 

Consider this an additional insurance policy for yourself should something go wrong  during the three months. 


Whilst recruitment can sometimes be a very commission based, ego filled industry - we could not be further from the truth. 

Our genuine, passionate drive, our gigantic network of contacts both internal and external and our commitment to our clients has made us the success we are today.


Using our services are completely free until a commitment is made to hire! 


If you are unhappy with the recruitment service provided by our team then let us know and we will not charge you! 

Our standard fee for recruitment services is payable 4 weeks from the placement start date. 

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